Initially, Sheila was assigned our portfolio when our old advisor retired, so we didn’t really choose her. But it soon became evident we were just where we wanted to be – with someone with enthusiasm, confidence, vision and expertise. We have always been impressed with the availability, affability and ability of Sheila and her team. There is a consistent, positive presentation by all the team members at their office, and their attention to detail is excellent.

An amusing story:

Early on in our working relationship with Sheila, Bob’s father was worried about his son’s investments. He was secretly convinced that Bob, as a doctor, did not have “the head” for financial matters, and surely couldn’t be counted on to find a good advisor. He admitted, after the fact, he had checked with his accountant about Sheila’s competence as a financial advisor – for his own satisfaction, not ours! – and the response was that we couldn’t get any better, after all, she has just won an award for her work! We just smiled, because we already knew we were with the best!

In a very respectful way, Sheila has always worked with us in regard to our financial planning – our wants, dreams, needs – while helping us to blend them with the realities of life (i.e., taxes, savings, etc.). We know we are in control of our own “destiny” – able to make our own decisions along the way. At the same time, we have the knowledge there is a “safety net” of expertise to draw on, and that the advice is sound, so it behooves one to listen!

We firmly believe we would never be in the positive financial position that we are, without her guidance & expertise. Dad was correct, in a way. Although we know we are competent, intelligent human beings, no one can be the master of all – that’s why there are specialists in every area of life.

Sheila, Glenda, and their company, are masters of financial planning. It is their business to know the rules of engagement with regard to financial matters. We chose them to help us navigate this area of our life, in concert with us. We believe it is good management to find that kind of guidance, so we can get on with working in our own field of expertise, having the knowledge and confidence that our financial issues are being attended to.

Bob & Cathy

I was very unhappy with the bottom line in my previous portfolio after 25 years of investing with the same advisor. I was watching my life savings dwindle in front of me, as well as my retirement “nest egg”.

With retirement fast approaching what was I going to do to support myself? I also felt like I was being ignored, unsupported and had no idea what was happening with my investment portfolio, since I only received a report twice yearly with my former investment company.

After listening to a friend, who was thriving on his investments and receiving regular correspondence and updates, I was referred to Glenda Baker. Glenda took the time to review my portfolio, listening to and addressing all my concerns – specifically concentrating on how best to help me with a plan to immediately start preparing for my upcoming retirement. She made me feel relieved and more confident and in control of my own future. I would not be at the stage I am today, at 60 and single, without her help. I honestly feel she gives me the same respect and client attention that she would give someone else in a much higher income bracket and I thank her for that.

Glenda meets with me on a regular basis. She is very down-to-earth and understands the needs of a single woman with compassion and respect. With her banking background and financial savvy, her suggestions and advice have fared very well for me, and I am very happy to report that my portfolio has increased dramatically since I have joined her group. Glenda has given me great peace of mind knowing that as a single, professional woman I can make it on my own – with a great investment plan and some very good advice. I now have a plan I am working towards, and hope to retire within the next two years!


Sheila has been my financial advisor for many years, and helped my husband and me achieve a comfortable retirement lifestyle. When my husband died suddenly I was devastated. Although I knew I would be OK financially, I was overwhelmed with grief and the large amount of work that needed to be done to finalize his estate. Not only did Sheila and her team help me handle all of the financial matters, but they also displayed a high level of compassion, understanding and friendship. I couldn’t have coped without them. I would like to say a very special “thank you” to Janet, a valuable member of the team, who spent many hours working on my behalf. She even drove me to various appointments such as the bank and government offices to take care of all the paperwork.


When our previous financial advisor retired 5 years ago he referred us to Sheila Munch. We met with Sheila at our home and “interviewed” each other. By the end of the meeting, we agreed we would like to work together. And it’s been a successful working relationship.

We had been working towards retirement for a number of years, and all was going well (apart from the usual stock market blips) when I suddenly, and without warning, lost my job. I was 54. We called Sheila and she arrived at our home once we had received information from the employer. Together we looked at our financial position, the layoff package, and at my retirement options. Backed up with current information, and Sheila’s assurances the package was acceptable and that all would be well, I made the decision to accept the package and retire. And I did it!

Sheila and her team work with you to focus your financial and life goals so that you have the resources to make them a reality. Sheila will always tell you the truth about what is realistic and what you can achieve. Ask her all the difficult questions and she will always make sure you understand what is going on.

Early retirement! Short and sweet, it’s wonderful. We are both now retired and we recommend it.

Randall and Don

My family’s financial plan changed when my husband died suddenly at the age of 48. Needless to say, I was deeply upset and overwhelmed. With two young teenagers at home I needed to know whether I would have the financial resources to cover our day-to-day living expenses, and pay for their education, not to mention save for my own retirement.

Glenda listened carefully to all of my concerns, gathered all of the facts and walked me through every step. I felt she really understood everything I was feeling and going though and just wanted to help me in every way possible, including the administration of the estate duties. The comprehensive financial plan that was developed addressed every aspect of our lives, including filling income gaps today and in retirement, my kids education, taxes and insurance needs.

Glenda’s complete understanding of my situation and her carefully considered strategies resulted in a holistic plan that has given me peace of mind and confidence in a secure financial future. I now know I can afford my current lifestyle, pay to send my kids to school, and look forward to a good retirement ahead.


When my spouse and I started going through the divorce process I was nervous, frustrated and angry.

Glenda and Sheila really listened to my concerns about the uncertainty of my future. They helped me separate the emotional issues from the financial ones. They then prepared a number of projections that allowed me to see the short-term and long-term ramifications of different settlement options.

I was able to use this valuable information to make a viable settlement proposal to my ex-wife. The final result was a fair and equitable settlement that both my ex-wife and I agreed on – without going through a costly court battle. Glenda and Sheila were certainly a big help during a stressful and emotional time in my life. Life really can go on after divorce!